Lesson: Non-fiction Text Structures: Main Idea: Problem/Solution (Lesson 14)

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Lesson Objective

Some texts have a problem/solution organization. Authors use this structure when the main idea is about a problem in the world and how it can be fixed.

Lesson Plan

Lesson 14: (Continued from Lesson 13)

Standard: Identify and use knowledge of the organizational structure of a text: main idea and supporting examples (web), chronological order (chain), compare and contrast (T-chart), cause and effect (chain), problem/solution (T-chart).

Use text structure to identify the main idea and supporting details in articles.


Big Idea:  Writers help their readers understand the text by organizing their text in logical ways so readers read non-fiction texts differently, depending on their structure.

Writers write non-fiction to teach the reader about one main idea.  It is the job of a reader to figure out the main thing that the writer is trying to teach you.  You can use the organizational structure to figure out the main idea in nonfiction.   


Teaching Point: Some texts have a problem/solution organization.  Authors use this structure when the main idea is about a problem in the world and how it can be fixed.

You can outline this as a T-chart.


Reading Workshop: Reading binders, highlighters and pencils, copies of “Poop Power”  

Note: "Poop Power" is found in the July 2009 edition of Appleseeds magazine.

RA: Reading binders, copy of The Great Serum Race


Reading Workshop Lesson:

  • Yesterday we started reading another problem/solution text, “Poop Power.” Remind your partner what we learned about the problem and the  solution in “Poop Power” [T&T]
  • Today we are going to re-read to find evidence for this open response question [put up OR]
  • How many parts? (2 – how poop is harmful and helpful) How can we label those parts when we highlight our evidence? (harm and help maybe?)
  • Re-read to find, highlight, and label evidence.
  • Brainstorm topic sentences for each paragraph.
  • As a class, write an open response that provides details about how poop is harmful and helpful.
  •  [Share – meet in partners and show your partner your outline.]


Read Aloud Lesson: (Continued from Lesson 12 and 13)

  • Scholars, we are going to finish reading The Great Serum Race today. T&T your partner what the organization of this text is.  
  • Start where you left off.  Read the first paragraph of the page  that starts with “When the team…”  What is going on in this paragraph?  The problem is getting worse in Nome while they are waiting for a solution to arrive. 
  • Continue reading; stop to clarify any context clues questions and add to solution section that  Leonhard got the serum and headed home with it. 
  •  For the rest of the book, I am going to ask you all to raise your hands if there is something that you think we should add – just let me know instead of having me ask you at the bottom of each page.  [Do that through the end of the book.]
  • Scholars, remind me why this is a problem/solution text.
  • Read all the stuff at the end of the book. 


Lesson Resources

Lesson 14 Non-fiction Chart and Open Response.docx  
Lesson 14 Poop Power Literal Questions.docx  


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