Lesson: Chorus Lesson 1-4

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Lesson Objective

Introduce words and beginning melody for "Funiculi, Funicula" for Senior Chorus Introduce melody and rhythm for "Plynie Statek" for Jr. Chorus Review singing techniques learned thus far - vowels, body position, staggered breathing technique

Lesson Plan

LANGUAGE OBJECTIVE-SWBAT to fluently read the words to the correct rhythm of the song.

Warm Up- Singing the Sol Feg Intervals/Melodies hand out

 Vowel Chant

Song Focus-Funniculi, and Plynie Statek

Information (Give and/or demonstrate necessary information)

Reinforce proper singing technique
Verification (Steps to check for student understanding)

Q and A with students

Checking the written work of the students - Did they write the lyrics to the song they are working on

Activity (Describe the independent activity to reinforce this lesson)


HW- words to the song they are going to sing for the October show must be memorized.


Lesson Resources

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