Lesson: Introduction to Mouse ~ Kindergarten

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Lesson Objective

1. Place fingers on mouse properly. 2. Single click (left) with mouse.

Lesson Plan

1. Introduce mouse to students by having them sit in a small group on the floor in front of you.  I have a mouse that no longer works....I cut the wire off of it and use it for demonstration purposes.  I hold up the mouse with my fingers in the proper position for them to see.


2. Have students hold up their pointer finger and middle finger.  I call this "bunny ears".  I show them how the bunny ears lay on the mouse buttons but never touch the bunny's nose, which is the scroll button.  Demonstrate how the other three fingers hug the mouse and help to move it on the mouse pad.


3. Next demonstrate left clicking.  I start by saying "left" clicking.  If they don't know left, I tell them to use their pointer finger.  They can usually figure out which finger is the pointer finger.


4. Send students to their assigned seat in the computer lab.  Have them make bunny ears and lay their fingers on the mouse properly.  Walk around and check each students' fingers.  Make adjustments, if needed.


5. Display the following website on the SmartBoard to reinforce finger placement.  It shows someone's fingers laying on the mouse properly. Click on "How to Use the Mouse".




6. Instruct students to watch and listen to "My Computer Mouse".  Click on the START button beneath the jigsaw puzzle to start the video.





7. Reinforce left clicking by having students visit "Headsprouts".






I have a wikispace for my technology lessons.  I have found this to be incredibly useful when teaching.  I have a very limited time to present my lessons.  I have a tab for each grade level and include a brief overview of my plan for students.  In addition to this overview, I include the links that will be used for the day.  Students can simply click on the links to view the materials/activity/site and use the blue arrows (top, left of screen) to scroll back and forth between windows.   Even with Kindergarten, this works great!  I am including a link to my wikispace so you can get a better idea of what I do.






Lesson Resources

How to Use the Mouse
"My Computer Mouse" song
LES Computer Lab wiki


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