Lesson: A Fine, Fine School - Creech, Sharon: Making Connections

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Lesson Objective

students will be able to make text to self, text to text, and text to world connections with a fiction story.

Lesson Plan

Objective:  Students will be able to make text-to-self connections to a fiction story. 

Lesson Plan


Key Vocabulary:  problem, solution, details, character, setting, analyze, connect.


DO NOW (10 minutes):  Have you ever heard a story and said to yourself, “I can relate to that!”?  Write 3-5 sentences about that time.


Opening:  Good readers are always thinking while they are reading.  Asking questions, finding answers, predicting, visualizing, and MAKING CONNECTIONS.

The reason it is important for us to make connection because it keeps us thinking about what we are reading.  Even when talking to people, we can make connections.   Even when reading non-fiction text; except this is called using prior knowledge.


Facilitate a small discussion about the importance of making a connection.


Direct Instruction (I DO): 

Read Aloud:  A Fine, Fine School by Sharon Creech.  While reading, focus on the other skills covered before this lesson (problem/solution, details, characters, setting).


Mini-Lesson:  After reading the story


Expert readers are able to make three types of connections while reading any types of story.  Today we are going to focus on making Text-to-Self connections.


Explain that text-to-self connections are those we make with the text. 


For example:  If you are reading about a boy who has just had a pet die and you had a pet die that you can remember, your connection would be your similar experiences with the character in the story you are reading.  You could state or write about the similarities and differences in your experiences.


Read a couple short scenarios for students to raise their hands if they had a similar experience happen.


Read A Fine, Fine School again and stop in the middle.


While reading, stop and explain you were able to make a text-to-self connection.


Model stating the situation, stating your connection, and the similarities and differences with the similar experience.  (see attached file)


Guided Practice:


Read the rest of the book and allow students to stop the reading and offer their connections that they made.

“I was able to make a text-to-self connection when…”


Allow students to turn and talk during this time to share with others, various connections they have made.


Explain to students that many people will not share all the same connections as everyone.  It depends on background, experiences, knowledge, etc.



Independent Practice (YOU DO):


Students should have time to make connections in their independent books.


Students will also need sticky notes to help label where they were able to make connections in their books

 After completing, students should be given the opportunity to journal about using the skills learned this week.

How has learning these skills helped you to better understand the stories we have read?
When making connections, are we all going to be able to share the same connection?  Why or why not?  Give an example.

Closing:  Group should come back together to talk about what they found in their own books and their experiences with the strategy.

Lesson Resources

useful short vids
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A Fine, Fine School


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