Lesson: George and Martha are Friends - James Marshall: Key Elements of a Story

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify all key elements of a story and explain why they are important in the story.

Lesson Plan

Objective:  Students will be able to identify all key elements of a story and explain why they are important in the story.

Lesson Plan


Key Vocabulary:  problem, solution, details, character, setting, analyze, connect.


DO NOW (10 minutes):  If you were to write a story, where would it take place?  Who would be the characters (major and minor)?  What would be the problem and solution?  How would the characters solve the problem?  (See attached file)   


Opening:  We have been working really hard to identify Key Elements of Fiction Stories.  (Using the Key Elements Chart – should be filled in) We have been working on how to identify setting, major characters, minor characters, problem and solution, and the steps to the solution.  These elements are going to come up in any story that you will be reading.  By thinking about these elements, you will increase your reading comprehension by 100%.  The book we are reading today is going to give you multiple opportunities to think about these elements because there little stories within the big story. 


Direct Instruction (I DO): 

Read Aloud:  Use this read aloud to model the skill we have worked on all week.  Identify the setting, major/minor characters, problem and solution, and the steps that were used to solve the problem.  George and Martha is great for this because the stories are vignettes so you can show this a couple times to your students through the think-alouds.


Teacher should remind student of the updated “Story Elements” Chart.



Mini-Lesson:  After reading the story


Model asking the following questions:

·         What effect does the setting have on this event?

·         Was that a good way to solve the problem?

·         What other ways could have solved this problem?

o   How would that have affected the story?

·         How did the minor characters influence the major character?

These are great questions to expand on your comprehension of the story.  These don’t just cover the basics but make you think outside the box about the story.


Independent Practice (YOU DO): (see attached file)


Students should have time to identify the Key elements in their independent books.



Students should be encouraged to answer the questions modeled above in order to expand comprehension.

Students will also need sticky notes to help label the key elements in their books

 After completing, students should be given the opportunity to journal about using the skills learned this week

Closing:  Group should come back together to talk about what they found in their own books and their experiences with the strategy.

Lesson Resources

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George and Martha


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