Lesson: 2: Changing the Point of View

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to change one point of view to another.

Lesson Plan

(I)             will review what we have learned about point of view. I will explain that the point of view of a story affects the author’s purpose, voice and plot of the story. Today we will change the point of view of texts and identify how a different point of view affects each story. I will read the first paragraph on the “Changing the Point of View” worksheet (provided) and model how to identify the point of view (third person limited). I will model how to change the point of view and rewrite this paragraph in the first person.  (Example is provided.)  I will explain that changing the point of view to first person allowed me to add more feeling to the story because it was told from a personal point of view. 
(We)        will compare and contrast the two paragraphs. For example: The story written in first person allowed the reader to learn more about the narrator’s feelings about being good at sports but not good at singing. We will rewrite the paragraph again in the third person omniscient. We will discuss how the paragraph changed each time the point of view was changed. (Guided Practice is provided.)
(You)       will determine the point of view of each paragraph on the Independent Practice worksheet and rewrite each paragraph in another point of view. (Independent Practice is provided.) You will explain how changing the point of view changes the paragraphs. 

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Lesson Resources

Direct Teaching & Guided Practice Student Worksheet   Classwork
Direct Teaching & Guided Practice Teacher Answers  
Student Independent Practice Worksheet   Classwork


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