Lesson: 3: Sequence of a Story within a Story (Exception Questions)

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to use textual evidence to answer exception questions about the sequence of events in a story with flashbacks.

Lesson Plan

(I)         will review the strategy of using index cards to determine the correct chronological order of events from a story with flashbacks. I will explain that there are other strategies to help us identify the chronological order of events in a passage with flashbacks. I will reread the passage “Leaving Home” and model identifying the chronological sequence by numbering the important events in the text. For example, I will put number one on the sentence that reads: “The first time I moved I was four years old.” I will continue numbering important events in the passage in chronological order. I will explain that I need to reread the passage a few times in order to fully understand and identify the chronological order of events. 
(We)       will read “Grandma’s Diary” (passage provided) and number the first two important events in chronological order. We will answer the two questions about the passage.  

(You)             will continue numbering the important events in chronological order and answer exception questions about the passage. You will base your answers on evidence from the text. (Independent Practice is provided.)

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Lesson Resources

"Leaving Home"  
"Grandma's Diary"   Reading Passage
Student Independent Practice Worksheet   Classwork


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