Lesson: 2: Sequence of a Story within a Story (New Strategy)

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify the chronological order of events in a story with flashbacks.

Lesson Plan

(I)              will review the flashbacks that we identified in Tell Me a Story, Mama from Lesson 1. I will explain that while flashbacks help us understand the story better, it is sometimes challenging to identify the chronological order of the events in the story. Chronological order means ordering events in time order or “when” they happened. Today we are going to take stories with flashbacks and put the events in chronological order. We will do this by writing each important event from the story on an index card. We will then put the index cards in chronological order (or time order). This will look different from the order of events introduced in the book.  I will model this strategy using Tell Me a Story, Mama, by Angela Johnson. I will write each major event on a sentence strip and put the events in their correct chronological order.   The order of events should be: 
1.)   The mother threw mud on the fence of the mean old lady who lived across the field.
2.)   The mother found and kept a little puppy with no tail.
3.)   The mother and her sister went on a train to go live with their Aunt Rosetta for a few months.
4.)   Grandma cried when Mama moved away.
5.)   The little girl’s friend Cory moved away, which made her cry.
6.)   The little girl asks her mother to tell her stories about when she was a little girl. 
(We)       will read the passage “Leaving Home” and will write each important event on an index card. We will identify which event comes first in chronological order (the first time the author moved was when he/she was four years old, to the suburbs). Wewill work together to determine the next two events from the passage (in chronological order). 1.) The next time the author moved was when he/she was in college. 2.) After college, the author moved to Colorado for a summer. 

(You)            will put the rest of the important events on my index cards in chronological order. 

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Lesson Resources

"Leaving Home"   Reading Passage


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