Lesson: 1: Sequence of a Story within a Story

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify flashbacks within a story.

Lesson Plan

(I)       will explain that in some stories a character may tell another story or remember something. Usually, the events the character is remembering came before the story. This is called a flashback. It is important to understand a flashback so that you can understand when the events occurred and the effect the events have on the current story. I will introduce the book, Tell Me a Story, Mama, by Angela Johnson. I will explain that in this story there are multiple flashbacks. After I read the entire book, I will go back and model identifying the first flashback. This story is about a little girl and her mother telling stories about when her mother was a little girl. The story about the little girl who lived in a white house across a field from a mean lady is about the mother as a little girl. I know that happened before this story because now the mother is grown up and has a little girl of her own. So this is a flashback.  
(We)       will reread Tell Me a Story, Mama and identify a second flashback. We will provide evidence from the text that tells us it is a flashback. 
(You)       will identify the remaining flashback in the book Tell Me a Story, Mama and point out evidence from the text that told you this is a flashback. 

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