Lesson: Cause and Effect Using Those Shoes Text

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Lesson Objective

Objective: I can identify cause and effect relationships within the text, Those Shoes.

Lesson Plan


On Board:

Objective:  I can identify cause and effect relationships within the text, Those Shoes. 

Standard:  2.LT-U.3  Make relevant connections (e.g. relationships, cause/effect, comparisons)  between earlier events and later events in text.

Essential Question: What causes don’t have any effects? 


Lesson Focus:  Cause and Effect

Teaching Point:  I can identify cause and effect relationships by understanding and noting that the effect always follows the cause, the cause is why something happens and the effect is what happens. 


Do-Now:  T:  This morning, I brought my umbrella… I brought by umbrella because it was raining. 

On a notecard I want you to write down one thing that happened to you this morning, one thing you did, one thing you saw, one thing you noticed… just one things that happened to you this morning….When you are done writing one thing that happened to you this morning I want you to walk silently to the carpet, hand me your notecard, and then sit on the rug in learning position. 


S: Write down one thing that happened to them this morning when they are finished they are to bring their card to the rug to the teacher and sit in lesson position on the rug.



T:  This morning  I shared with you one thing that happened to me.  I had to bring my umbrella.  I told you why I had to bring my umbrella, who remembers why I had to bring my umbrella? 

S:  because it was raining!

T:  Very good.. This morning I shared with you a cause and effect relationship.  Everyday things happen to us, we see things, or we notice things.  Every action always has a reaction so every cause always has an effect.  Today we are going to learn what cause and effect means and we are going to practice finding cause and effect relationships or places where we see causes and effects in a great story! 


Teach:  The cause is why something is happening and the effect is what is happening.  (anchor chart).   Effects always follow causes because if something is happening that means there is going to be a change.  For example, because it was raining,  I brought my umbrella, if it wasn’t raining or I didn’t know it was going to rain I wouldn’t’ have brought my umbrella.  So when we think of causes and effects we want to think of the cause is the why and the effect is the what?  In fact whenever we see  a cause we can almost ask ourselves “now what”… Let’s look at some of your examples this morning to see if you had any causes and effects.

*add to anchor chart.

T:  go through and add relationships. 


Now just like we found cause and effect relationships within our lives, we can also connect with a character or characters or even a book by finding cause and effect relationships within a story.  Today we are going to look to the story Those Shoes to find some cause and effect relationships.


Stopping points to identify cause and effect relationships


Teacher Identifies: 

Cause and Effect Relationship:

My shoe fell apart -   Mr. Alfrey gives me a pair of Velcro shoes


I  am wearing Velcro shoes     students are laughing and making fun of me


Guided Practice:  My grip is so tight on my pencil          it might bust

Active Engagement:  The price is too high, turn and talk to your partner about the effect of the price being high.

State the difference between inferring and knowing what will happen.

Independent Work:  Send students back to their seat to fill out some cause and effect relationships as you continue reading.  The sheet will have some of the causes or effects identified. 

When students finish the book they will have 20 minutes of independent reading time.  Students will be looking for two cause and effect relationships that they will identify on their exit ticket in their book. 

Small Group:  call to table students who are struggling, review text, read a new text, identify one relationship, send off to find final one on their own.


Writer’s Workshop

Writing Mini-Lesson:

Connection:  There is nothing better than to write about something that is really important to you, or something that is true to your heart.  Sometimes when I am given a prompt and someone tells me what I “have” to write, I find it so difficult, and quite frankly, I don’t care so much about writing anything that great.  That is what great about Writer’s Workshop you can write what means s a lot to you.

Teach Model  Good Writer’s think about important people in their life and moments they had with those people.  I am going to make a list of people that are important to me and moments I had with those people.  Model making the list.  And adding moments or memory and talk out those moments or memories.  Then I am going to make chose a moment from my list and I am going to write down everything I can remember about that moment.

If I finish before the writing time is up I am going to chose another moment and write about that moment in my notebook.  Skip a line to start a new story.

Active EngagementTurn and talk to your friend about a memory you had with someone important in your life that you would like to write about.

Independent Writing:  20 minutes.   

Share:  Students share out some of their writing from the day


Lesson Resources

Cause and Effect Using those shoes resource  


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