Lesson: Looking at Tables, Pictures, and Diagrams

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to look at pictures, diagrams, and charts to define and determine their importance as text features.

Lesson Plan


Connection:  Yesterday we looked at different types of graphic representations you might find in a newspaper like invitations, or ads, and today we are going to look at types you might find in your book.  


Teach:  Today you are going to learn what a picture, diagram, and chart is in a book and what it offers you. 


Model:  We can also find a lot of text features that we might not find as common. The following features that we are going to focus on pictures, diagrams, and charts to enhance non-fiction text. 

Pictures are given as illustrations to show you what something really looks like or to give you a true visual representation about something you are learning about.

Diagrams show you the process or steps of a procedure or how something is happening, diagrams also show you different parts of a product and how those parts work.

Tables and Charts can show us specific data or information that relates and is important to the topic.  You have to pay attention to the charts and tables because they need to show you what you need or give you specific data about a topic.


Link:  So today and everyday use the text features of an informational text book to locate specific information in your text book and to use it to help you identify the main idea, words, and meaning of your book.


Independent Work:  Students complete the sheet that has them look at the different parts of the book.

Students will fill out a chart that lists the features, what it is, and find an example of this, and write why it is important to pay attention to the feature. 

Lesson Resources

Looking at the pictures diagrams and charts and tables resource  


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