Lesson: Maps

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify a main idea of a map, locate maps, and answer questions based on maps.

Lesson Plan


State Standard: 3.IT-E.6. Identify and use knowledge of common textual features to make predictions about content (e.g., title, heading, table of contents, glossary, and captions).


Standard Name: Text Features

Objective:  Students will be able to use map features and titles to generate and idea for the main idea for a map. 

Do-Now:  Share out:  when you think of a map what do you think of? 



Opening: Sometimes we don’t just see pictures in information text but we can also see maps.  When we see a map on a test or passage it is so important t to take the time to carefully scan the map and pull out all of the information the map is showing us.  Maps just don’t show us a picture it is included because it is important to the text we are reading and is an important component of our understanding.  Sometimes questions can even be generated based on maps or titles of maps. 



Directed Instruction: 

Maps are important because they allow us to know where we are going. A map can give us direction when we are in unknown areas. Maps also allow people to know what is in certain areas covered by the map.

When you see a map make sure you read it carefully and are aware of all of its parts and have an understanding that a map can have a main idea too!


Guided Practice: Model looking at the maps from different pieces of non-fiction text or from one of the resources that are included.  Let’s look at all of the parts of this map.  Sometimes maps can have a title and a scale.  Just like titles of passages can help you determine what a passage is mostly about, the title of a map can also really help you determine what that map is mostly about.  So let’s look at this map and look at all of the parts.


Independent Practice:

Students will look at maps and indentify the main idea of that map and explain why it is important to the passage. 

Lesson Resources

using a map resource activity  
main idea of map resource  
map lesson  
map resource new orleans map  
map resource to visit new orleans  


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