Lesson: Text Feature Project

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to create a non-fiction project that highlights the different types and examples of text features.

Lesson Plan

State Standard: 3.IT-E.6. Identify and use knowledge of common textual features to make predictions about content (e.g., title, heading, table of contents, glossary, and captions).


Standard Name: Text Features

Objective:  Students will be able to complete a project where they can showcase the different text features. 


Do-Now:  Bring in a hanger, paper, plates, and string!  Today we are going to make a live model of all of the texts features we have found. 



Opening: Now that we have been able to define and learn about all of the text features we are going to take time to research these features by exploring through a variety of non-fiction resources and make sure we can identify, find, and then explain the importance of different types of features. 


Directed Instruction: 

Create a live rubric on the board of all of the text features students will be expected to find in a check list format.  Explain to students how they will search and navigate through different non-fiction materials to located and indentify text features.


Guided Practice: Model finding different types of text feature you will cut and paste on a paper plate the example of the text feature that they find and then they will write an explanation as to what the feature is and why it is important. 


Independent Practice:

Students will be able to create a model of all of the different text features, and explain their importance. 

Lesson Resources

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