Lesson: Introducing Text Features

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to define and identify the different types of text features.

Lesson Plan

State Standard: 3.IT-E.6. Identify and use knowledge of common textual features to make predictions about content (e.g., title, heading, table of contents, glossary, and captions).

Standard Name: Text Features

Objective: Students will be able to define the different types of text features. 


Do-Now:  What makes non-fiction text so different from other types of text:  make a list of things the students share out. 


Opening: Captions Non-fiction text is important because it gives us lots of information.  In giving us information it also has a variety of ways for us to retrieve information.  Today we are going to be learning about all of the things that are included in non-fiction text that make them special to learn about and give us specific information.


Directed Instruction: 

A text feature is a feature of text that helps us better understand or acquire information about something.  Believe it or not something so simple as titles are considered text features.  When we look at non-fiction text there are a variety of features that are included that give us information. 

On chart paper make a list of all of the text features that you will be discussing using the supplemental power point.  You can show the slides or you can have print outs for students. 



Guided Practice: Go through the text feature power point, defining the different text feature terms that are highlighted in the presentation and creating a chart for the class that has all of the different text features listed and defined. 


Independent Practice:

Students will play a matching game where they have to find the text feature and correctly match it with the definition like they are playing memory with a partner.

They can also glue these cards with their definitions on large charts and create three columns one that says text feature, one that says definition, and one that has  place for an example where they have to write or glue and example of a text feature.

Lesson Resources

Text Features Introduction   Lesson Plan
textfeatures match game resource lesson   Activity


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