Lesson: What was the Lesson Learned in the story?

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify the lesson that is being learned through a story.

Lesson Plan

State Standard:  3.LT-U.3


Standard Name: 3.LT-U.3. Identify the elements of stories and analyze how major events lead from problem to solution.  (Focus on characters changing over time.)


ObjectiveGood readers notice the author’s message in the story by asking, “What lesson did my character learn as she/he changed in the story?”

Do-Now:  Did something ever happen to you or did you ever experience anything and learn a lesson from it?  Let’s list some of the lessons we have learned.  Make a chart paper with half of it that says lessons learned by us… and then the other half can say lessons learned through books. 


Opening: Go over some of the lessons that have been learned with the class and have discussions on how they learned those lesson or what happened to learn those lessons. 


Directed Instruction: 

*Sometimes characters learn lessons too.  Sometimes the author is trying to send a message by showing us a lesson that the character learned.

Read to the students the book those Shoes. 

As you are reading the lesson make sure you highlight and pay particular attention to the important “lessons that are being learned in the book” 


Guided Practice: On chart paper make a list of lesson learned and what happened to have that lesson learned.  Fill out a few of the lesson you are learning from the examples in the book.  Have students give you examples and record their findings.    


Independent Practice:

Read Aloud Chyrsantumum to students and have them fill out the lesson learned from the book.  You can also include a variety of books that teach lessons:  rainbow fish, oh the places you will go,.  You can also have students do this by using test prep passage to ensure and promote reading for lessons even throughout text passages. 


Closing:  Sometimes author’s teach us lessons or send us messages in our books.  Make sure you are on the look out for lessons that can be learned through reading!


Lesson Resources

Book REad Lesson Learned Table  
Graphic Organizer Book


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