Lesson: I can find a..... element in my passage!

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify their knowledge of different story elements by finding evidence of those elements in a test or test prep passage.

Lesson Plan


Objective:  Students will be able to identify story elements in a text and a test passage.

Do-Now:  have students draw pictures of the elements that they find in a story.  Draw a picture of each example, or you can have students draw a picture of the story element that they feel is the most important.

Teach/Model:  teach and define and review the story elements.You can define all of the elements of stories. 

Define each element and have examples for each element.

You can put the definitions on chart paper and then have the students go around and list the examples of the evidence from their stories that they have read or you  have read as a class that show each example. 

Show examples of each and how you can find them in a passage as well as in a story.  Show examples, students can write or draw pictures.

Have a gallery walk and pull out importances from each element as well as accurate and inaccruate showcases of element evidence.  There are a lot of great graphic organizers that students can also fill out that I have attached.

Connect with the kids in how you can do this for test prep: 


A great way to incorporate test prep is to have students fill out the elements of a story based on a test passage or a previously taken test to really have them show understanding.  You should also do a follow up assessment where they have to understand the importance of the elements of the stories. 

Independent Practice:  Students will pull out information in their passages and texts of where they find evidence of story elements.

Students pull out where they find each element in a test prep page. 

Lesson Resources

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