Lesson: Little Books show Story Elements

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to create a “little book” that is based on elements of a text.

Lesson Plan


Objective;  Students will be able to create a “little book” that is based on elements of a text.

Do-Now:  what is your opinion of story elements?  What are your facts about story elements? 


Connection:  Now that we are aware of the story elements it is time to put them to work and show what you know by making a little book that shows how you know all of the elements of the book. 

Teach/Model:  It is important sometimes to not just think about a book as a book but to think about it as if it is a collection of elements that teach us different things. That is the purpose of story elements.  Each element shows us something about a book and gives the book a purpose, some reasoning, and develops the plot lines and elements neccessary to carry on that story.

Let's define all of the story elements:

Characters:  the people or characters that are in the story:  make a list of all of the different types of characters you can have: people, animals, cartoons, stick figures, aliens, etc... students can make a list of this.

Setting:  where the story takes place, the time and scence of the story

Problem:  what is going wrong in the book?  What is the big issue that the character is facing.

Solution:  what is fixing the problem. 

Model how you can fill out each element of the little book and define what should go in each element and provide an example based on a story you have discussed as a class.

Develop a model for the students.

Students are going to fold a piece of paper into half and attach as many pages as they need to showcase the story elements. 

Students will make a little book that gives examples from their stories of each element. 

Independent Practice:  Students can make little books independently, they can do this as a center.

Students can also do this in groups for guided reading and then make bigger books.


Lesson Resources

Little Bookto Showcase Story Elements Resource  


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