Lesson: Tranisition Words to Evaluate Plot Sequence

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Lesson Objective

Today’s purpose of learning is use transition words to show the sequence in a story

Lesson Plan




Purpose of Learning

Today’s purpose of learning is use transition words to show the sequence in a story.


“This week we have learned many part of the story. One more thing we need to focus on is the flow of the story.  How do you think the flow of the story goes.  There are some ways we can keep track of the flow of the story. 


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T: “When I read a story I am thinking about the order things happen.  For example using yesterdays story I am going to use my fingers to identify the order of the plot.  Watch how I show you the beginning, middle, and end using my fingers to remind me the order in which the important things happen.   

*Use transition words and have students point out to them when you use them using a non verbal strategy like showing the number on their fingers of the transition word you used. 

T: Demonstrate to students how they will now show everything they have learned this week. 

  1. Passage assessment with all story elements
    1. Ss will receive a leveled passage and will identify all of the elements of a story on a graphic organizer.
    2. Ss will complete a brief quiz to assess phonics and word study throughout the week.
    3. **When you finish a test, flip over your test, take out your independent reading book, and read silently



Active Involvement

5 min

T: Go back to your seat and review this book then you wiwll identify the elements of the story. 



1 min



30 min

Sparkle game

Spelling Test



Small Group Instruction

See above


S: Turn in assessments



Extra Time:

1.Read Bridge to Terabithia

2.Make a plot progression template using pictures

3. Go over morning do now

4. Make vocabulary cards

5.Practice fluency

6. Create a sentence in the class activity ( go around and have each kid say a word see if you can create a sentence as a class.


Lesson Resources

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