Lesson: Creating Questions within my Text

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to find the answer to a specific question in a text using their just right books.

Lesson Plan


3.LT—U.3:  Form questions about a text and locate facts/details in

order to answer those questions.


Structural Notes: 

  1.  D0-Now:  Test Prep Focus:  PLORES
  2. Reading Mini Lesson:  Good readers ask themselves questions about their text and find direct evidence in their book to locate answers. 
  3. Model:  using a read a loud book on theme hopefully a fairy tale model the creating questions/finding answers in book.
  4. Turn and Talk:  Ask your partner about a question about the book that was read aloud today. 
  5. Independent Practice:   Completing the Activity
  6. Small Group Pull Outs
  7. Independent Reading:  Guided Reading Group Pull Out
  8. Context Clue Lesson:  Sometimes when we come to a word in a text we do not know we can look to see if that word has a prefix or suffix that we may know and use that prefix or suffix to help determine the meaning of that word. 
  9. Context clue Practice:  find a word in your independent book with a prefix on it, write the meaning of that word.
  10. Context Clue Activity:  prefix puzzles:  students find words with prefixes put the root word on one piece of the puzzle and the prefix on the other, when they attach the puzzle pieces they write the new meaning of the word on the back of both the pieces.  Find a friend to complete your puzzle, learn your new words, and use them in a sentence.


A – Lesson Title:  Find my answer!                        

Objective (Based on misconceptions and “sub-skills”): Students will be able to find the answer to a specific question in a text using their just right books. 


Description:  Students use their independent books to create a list of questions that someone will have to find the answers to in their own books.  Students will write questions on graphic organizer that is attached and labeled question/answer front and back. 

*Teaching Summarizing and Skimming quickly cause kids wont’ have enough time to go through and read the whole story, similar to what happens in a test passage. 




Lesson Resources

test answer support Friday  


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