Lesson: Topics and Details Lesson

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Lesson Objective

Objective: Students will be able to identify the topic of a non-ficton text or passage and then details that support that passage.

Lesson Plan


Objective:  Students will be able to identify the topic of a non-ficton text or passage and then details that support that passage. 

Do-Now:  If someone were to ask you what your “topic” was.  What would your topic be and what would be your supporting details to your topic?

Connection:  When we think of a topic we have to think of the whole picture.  We have to think broadly about it and we have to think of what the whole thing is about.  Fortunatly when we study topics we are usually studying them in the form of informational text.  When we study this type of text we are grateful to be given different features that we can use to help us guide our understanding of the subject or topic.  Today we will learn to define what these features are so we can be better understanding and aware of the use that they will have to us when we study non-fiction text. 





You can use any non-fiction book that has a list of text features in it or even a student's math, science, or history text book to have a good connection of what text features are.  Make sure the text you are using has included all of the text features that the students can reference. 

Make a list of text features with the students and what their purposes are so they can choose which text features they are going to focus on.  You will want to make a t-chart that has the feature listed on one side and the purpose on the other.  (If you want you can also have an example that you can cut out from a newspaper or blown up package) and add that as a section of the chart that says visual example)

List of non-fiction terms and definitions: 

Title- gives us the main idea or a large idea about what the whole text is going to be about

Subheadings:  give main ideas or focuses of chapters or sections of a text

Pictures- show illustrations about the topic

Diagrams- show a demonstration of how something works or parts to an object

Captions- explain what is happening in a picture

Glossary-give the definitions of certain words that are found within the text

Table of Contents- helps direct the reader to specific sections of a text


Model:  Today we  are going to choose 4 features to focus on.  Watch me as I focus on 4 features and use those features to make a prediction.

Use the text feature wheel template to identify the four text features you are going to use to make your predictions. 

Create a large text feature wheel that the students will use for the day.  Make sure they have a clear example of exactly what you want them to include in their text feature wheel. 

Fill in those features in your wheel and then make a prediction about the topic of the text and what you think the main idea of your text will be. 

Model this for th students using a few different features. 


Independent Practice:  Students will choose 4 text features they will use to make a prediction.  Instruct students or pre-copy the wheel to have an area for predictions after they have completed the wheel. 

Make sure on the wheel the students include:  the definition, purpose, and an example if you want. They will create text feature wheels for each feature but you want them to just focus on four features today. 


Extension:  In the book that is referenced in the links section of this lesson plan, they have a great small text feature book that asks questions and shows a model of the different text features.  The book also contains a variety of other graphic organizers.


Assessment can be student lableing features or finding examples of the features that are on their wheel in a text book and labeling them with stickies. 

Lesson Resources

Gasping for Air Passage Main Idea  
Saving the Animals Question Sheet  
Text Feature Predictions Wheel  
Text Features  
Looking at the pictures diagrams and charts and tables resource  
Looking at the pictures diagrams and charts and tables resource  


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