Lesson: Unimportant vs. Important Details

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify important details vs. unimportant details

Lesson Plan


Do-Now:  What are 2 details in your life, one necessary one unnecessary. 


Connection:  Yesterday we asked ourselves a question when we were reading.  We asked what is this story mostly about.  Today I am going to teach you how to identify details in a story by picking out important details and using those details to determine the main idea of a story. 


Teach Model:   When readers think about or have an idea about what their story or passage they have a better understanding of what the whole idea of the story is and they are more likely  to remember that story.  This is called mining for the main idea.  Today we help find the main idea by identifying important and unimportant details. 


Watch me I read and pull out details.  As I pull out details I am going to write them on a strip.  As I go through the book I am identifying the details.  When I am done reading I go back and look at my details and again I think to myself what is this book mostly about.  Then I look at my details to find out what make sense and which details are most important.  I label these necessary and unnecessary details. 

Active Engagement:  turn and talk to your partner about a necessary and unnecessary detail in your life.   


Model:  Writing important details in one column and unimportant details in another column.


Link:  So today and every day I want you to be thinking about the events or details in your story and use the important details to figure out what the main idea of your story is. 


Independent work:  Students write important and unimportant details for books and articles that they have.  Fill it in a t-chart. 

Lesson Resources

unimportant vs important details lesson  


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