Lesson: Main Idea Cookies

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify the main idea and details of a passage or story.

Lesson Plan


Do-Now:  What is your favorite cookie?  What would you do if you only had a few ingredients to make a cookie?  What do you think would happen?


Connection: If you have a chocolate chip cookie what is the best part of that cookie?  Is that cookie complete if you take out the chips?  What if you only had the chips but not the cookie?  Then what would you do?  Today I want you to think about the cookie like the main idea and the chips like the details.  We are going to figure out how to make main idea cookies and have strong details that support or hold the cookie together which are the chips.


Teach Model:  Today I want to teach you how to organize your details and identify your main idea.  There are many different ways to do this but today I am going to teach you how to use a graphic organizer to identify my main idea and then list the details that surround it around the organizer so that it makes sense.  I can then look at this organizer and determine what my story is mostly about and have evidence or details that would prove the main idea. 


Watch me as I use this organizer I have made on the board. When I am done reading my story I am going to ask myself the question, what is this story mostly about?  When I answer this question I am going to put the idea in the middle of my graphic organizer.  Then I am going to list all of the details around the idea in an organizer to make sense of my main idea. 

Make sure you have the cookie as the  main idea and the details are all the chips. 


Active Engagement:  turn and talk about ideas for graphic organizers for your book. 


Link:  So today and every I want you to be able to organize your details using a graphic organizer that also identifies your main idea.   


Independent Work:  Using construction paper students make cookies and then put the chips as details. 

Lesson Resources

main idea cookie resource  


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