Lesson: New Titles for my Stories

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to determine a new title based on their story to focus on the main idea or summary of a text.

Lesson Plan

Standards:  3.IT-E.1. Identify the purpose or main point (idea) and supporting details in informational text. 

*3.LD-V.9. Identify roots of words (e.g., “graph” is a common root in autograph, photograph, biography).


Do-Now:  Think of one of your favorite books?  Now think of 3 different titles that could be the titles for that book. 


Connection:  Just like in your do-now when you thought of different titles for your books, you can also think of other titles for passages or stories that we read.  Whenever we think of a title or reflect back on the title do you think that author's chose a title based on whether it is important or not?  Of course not, good authors when they think of a title they often refer back to the theme, what the story was mostly about, or what the problem and solution are.  That is why titles can give us a really strong understanding of the main idea or the message of a text.

Teaching Point:  Good readers find the main idea of a book/chapter by thinking of another great title for the chapter/book

Model:  Finding another main idea, finding various main ideas, trying to have students focus more from just not choosing the general topic of the passage, more specific main ideas

~context clues:  what do I  do when I come to a word I don’t know:  strategy:  inserting possible answers of the word and choosing the best answer

~root words:  finding words in your story that contain a root word

You can also collect a list of the books the students used and referenced in the do-now and write down all of the titles that could be added or were added based on the students responses. 

You may also want to make lists of familer tests, passages, books, novels, or readings that you have done as a class and talk about this strategy and have the students check in on whether they think the title is a good choice, or a bad choice and if the title does answer the questions of what the main idea might be, what the subject is, what the topic is, or what the problem and solution is. 

Active Engagement:  What is another main idea you can give for the story that is being read during the read aloud. 


9-9:30- independent reading (teacher pulls small groups for anything reading related- testing strategies, comprehension, word work, vocab)

Independent Work:  students come up with the main ideas for chapters or stories.  Use graphic organizer :  

New Titles for my story

You can also have students make t-charts that are pro and co good titles.  Or have studdents use sticky notes to write new titles above titles.

You can also cut the titles of passages and have the students write a new title without even seeing the old title. 


Lesson Resources

New Titles for my story could be resource   Classwork
New titles for my story resource  


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