Lesson: Vocabulary Activities

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Lesson Objective

Teacher will be able to teach and use a variety of word work activities.

Lesson Plan

Objective:  Students will be able to work on a variety of vocab. Words in centers , whole class or in activity based learning groups. 

This can be a flip book for your classroom use. Download it, cut it, laminate the pages, punch holes in the top left-hand corner and place the pages on a silver clip ring. This will be a great resource when you're trying to think of the huge variety of activities to do during Words Block. It'll be a good resource for your substitutes, too!


You need to go through this great resource and define when you would use each activity.

I suggest creating folders for the different activities that have directions and examples.

You may also want to do the activities whole class and then set them up in a center so that all students know and have a model of what they are suppose to do and have an idea base of what the activity looks like.


Thanks to:  Kathy Webb and Kathryn Ellis (previously with Richland One in Columbia, SC)


They created and shared this resource.

Lesson Resources

working with words ideas resources  


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