Lesson: Character Traits Picture it 4 ways!

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to determine four traits for a character and then support each trait with a visual from the text.

Lesson Plan


Do Now: Think about four different character traits you can say about a character that we discussed previously in a book.


Connection:  When we think of how our character was acting, assign them a trait, and then visualize the scene that they were best displaying that trait.  Today we are going to take it even farther and think of them having more than one trait, we are going to think of them as they display 4 different traits.   


Teach/Model:  Watch me as I complete a read a loud. Think of 4 different traits for my character and then draw a scene that best represents each trait.  Make sure you are completing 4 drawings and make sure you are throwing in different traits that wouldn’t make sense for that character and give reasoning behind each trait. 


Link:  So today and everyday when you think of your character, think of the multiple traits they may possess and areas in the book where you can find evidence of those traits by visualizing the scenes in your head.   


Active Engagement:  Tell your partner a trait and have them visualize a character, then you use their character and come up with a different trait and visualize. 


Independent Practice:  Using one of your books or a book that is read fold your paper into four sections.  Draw a scene that represents each traist

Lesson Resources

Picture my four Traits Resource  


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