Lesson: 1: Locating Facts and Opinions in a Newspaper

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify the difference between fact and opinion in newspapers.

Lesson Plan

(I)               will introduce a newspaper and explain how it is divided into different sections based on interest. I will explain that many articles in a newspaper are factual and many are opinion-based. I will also explain that we are going to be looking at the newspaper to find which sections contain factual articles and which sections contain opinions. I will model identifying one factual article and one opinion-based article. 
(We)           will look through the newspaper and discuss what we discover. We will discuss an article on the front page and identify the facts in the article. We will flip through other sections (classifieds, art and music) and discuss if these articles are fact or opinion-based
(You)          will use the newspaper to find the items listed on the “Fact and Opinion Scavenger Hunt” worksheet. You will explain in which sections of the newspaper you found facts and opinions, respectively, and how you knew where to look. (Independent Practice is provided.)
Note: You will need to provide newspapers for all students or have enough newspapers available for groups of students to share. We also suggest that you use a Sunday paper because of the variety of sections.

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Lesson Resources

Student Independent Practice Worksheet   Classwork


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