Lesson: 1: Compare and Contrast Passages

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to compare and contrast two nonfiction passages.

Lesson Plan

Direct Teaching
(I)       will read aloud “Frogs at Risk” (passage is provided) and identify the main idea as, “Many species of frogs and toads in Ecuador are at risk of dying out.” I will read aloud “Follow That Koala” (passage is provided) and identify the main idea as, “The number of koalas in Australia is decreasing.” I will explain that these two main ideas are similar, but they are about different animals. I will explain that we can compare and contrast the two articles. I will create a Venn diagram (example is provided) and begin comparing and contrasting frogs and koalas based on the information given in the two articles.
Note: Provide only one or two examples so that the class can add to the Venn diagram in the Guided Practice.
Guided Practice
(We)       will continue using the Venn diagram to compare and contrast frogs and koalas. (Example Venn diagram is provided). 
Independent Practice
(You)       will read two articles, “Water Woes” and “The World in Our Hands: Protecting the Planet.” (Passages are provided.) You will complete a Venn diagram comparing two conferences: The World Water Forum and the International Children’s Conference on the Environment. (Independent Practice worksheet is provided.)
Note: Students will need to save their Independent Practice Venn diagrams for use with Lesson 2.

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Lesson Resources

"Frogs at Risk"   Reading Passage
"Follow that Koala!"   Reading Passage
Direct Teaching & Guided Practice Example Graphic Organizer   Notes
Student Independent Practice Passages & Worksheet   Classwork


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