Lesson: Assessment

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Lesson Objective

1. Demonstrate comprehension by answering multiple choice and essay questions. 2. Complete Picture Book Reports. 3. Watch a movie based on one of Chris Van Allsburg's books.

Lesson Plan

1.  Allow students time to review their notes before administering the test.


2.  See Test file.  Make single copies of the essay question and multiple choice answer sheet.  Staple the multiple choice questions separately.


3.  I like to pass out the multiple choice answer sheet and multiple choice questions first.  I ask students to complete this part and staple the answer sheet on top.   When they turn in their multiple choice section, I give them the essay question to work on last.  


4. When students are finished with the entire test, they can continue to read the Chris Van Allsburg books for pleasure and/or finish their Picture Book Reports. The book reports should ideally be finished on this day or the next.  A thorough answer key for each book report was given in the first lesson, "Introduction to Chris Van Allsburg".


5. As a treat, I like to show one of the movies based on the Chris Van Allsburg books.  You may choose from "The Polar Express" or "Jumanji".  I have shown both in the past.  The students enjoy them immensely!



A word of caution about Jumanji, the movie.  I have shown it to fifth and sixth graders.  I would not recommend showing it to students younger than this in a school setting.  It can be a bit frightening.  I've had some students that prefer not to see Jumanji.  I have sent home a slip requesting parental permission for students to see the movie.


I usually do this unit in mid November or December.  If that is the case, we watch "The Polar Express".

Lesson Resources

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