Lesson: Main Idea (Fiction), Lesson 15

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT identify the elements of fiction (problem, solution, character, and setting); SWBAT select and justify the most important event in a book; SWBAT identify the theme of a work as what the author is trying to tell the reader.

Lesson Plan

Edward W. Brooke Charter School

Problems in Fiction Unit


Mini-Lesson:  If readers don’t know how the problem was solved when they reach the end of the book, they reread. 



  • Book Baggies with leveled fiction books
  • Familiar Read Aloud



Connection: Yesterday we noticed when the problem in your story gets solved.  Today, you will learn how to reread if you didn’t find the solution in your story.


Teaching Point:  We know that the problems in our stories usually get solved at the end of the book.  It’s important when you get close to finishing a book that you pay attention to the one event that finally solves the problem.  We call this one important part in our books the solution. The solution can be one of many different things that solves the problem and so it’s important that you focus on what’s happening at the end of the story.  Sometimes you might finish reading a book and not notice the one thing that solved the problem.  If you don’t know how the problem got solved then you missed the most important part in the book! If you aren’t certain about how the problem got solved you need to go back and read the end of the story again.  For longer books you have to go back a few chapters and reread.  Watch as I tell you the solution in this book (familiar read aloud book of choice) and tell you how the solution solved the problem.

Did you notice how I explained how the solution solved the problem?


Active Engagement:  Take out a book you’ve just finished reading and tell your partner about the solution to the problem in that story.  Explain to your partner why that part is the solution by using the word because in your T’n’T.



Link: Today and everyday it’s important that you find and understand the solution in your fiction book.  You should reread the end of your story if you finish reading it and don’t know how the problem got solved.



Share: Who reread the end of their book to make sure they found the solution? OR who can tell us how the solution solved the problem in their book?

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