Lesson: Main Idea in 1!, 2!, 3!

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify the main idea and support their answer with details.

Lesson Plan


3.IT-E.1:  Identify the purpose or main point and supporting details. 


Connection:  Sometimes the more we can do on our own will really help us figure out the answers to questions.  We have talked so much about main idea so far this year, now it is time to put what we know to use and really expand our knowledge so we are able to really have strong answers, and mostly know that the answer choice we are choosing is the best one!


Teach/Model:  When we think of a main idea, we ask ourselves what is this mostly about?  While we are asking ourselves that think to yourself, when I know the main idea, I can identify the topic, I can create a new title, and I can write a sentence that states my main idea.

For example..

*Model using a passage.  For this passage, read al oud with students.  Then identify how you would generate a  main idea, use the title, and ask yourself, what is this mostly about?  And then I am going to create a new title, a topic, and a sentence for that passage.

After you have read the passage you are going to

1. Identify the topic.

2.  Think of a New Title

3.  Write a sentence that states what my main idea is and why. 


so write

1. 2. 3 on chart paper and then answer each question using a main idea passage.

You can use any passage that you have read, re-tested, used as an assessment, or one of the main idea passages that have been attached. 



Active Engagement:  Ask students what they would write for the 1., 2, or 3. using a recently read passge or story or using the passage that you just used with the students.

Link: Every day when I am reading a story or passage I will be able to generate a topic, a new title, and a sentence that explains what the main idea is to really show that I know what the main idea of that story or passage is.  

Independent Practice:  Students will complete the 1., 2. 3, they should do this using a book and a passage so that they are getting experience with each type of text.

You can also give one of the main idea resources that were used to have the students do the 1., 2., 3., and then have the students collect an answer the questions as a quiz. 


Quiz/Assessment:  Attached are some passages that you can utlitize for either having students do this activity or for you to create an assessment that they can use for testing if they have achieved the main idea standard. I have attached the passages with the questions.

Lesson Resources

Main Idea 3 ways Resource  
lock and key main idea  
Main Idea Unit Overview 4th   Unit Plan
Catch the Breeze Passage   Reading Passage
Gasping for Air Passage Main Idea  
Device May Help Blind People See Passage main idea  
I can identify the main idea in 1 2 3   
Device May Help Blind People See Question Sheet  
Catch the Breeze Quiz Questions  
Gasping for Air Question Sheet  


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