Lesson: Pre-reading steps

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT explain the reason for pre-reading SWBAT label different parts of a passage that are important to the process of pre-reading SWBAT synthesize info from the textual features by asking “what common thread connects all the text features? SWBAT focus their reading by scanning questions and making a laundry list of what information they are looking for

Lesson Plan

No lesson plan at this time.

Lesson Resources

LP1 TA Pre read Unit1 grade4  
LP2 TA Scan the q s Unit 1 grade 4  
LP3 TA mark clues in the passage Unit 1 grade 4  
LP4 TA Answer Q s with evidence Unit 1  
LP6 TA Pre read Unit1 grade4  
LP7 TA Finding the Main Idea using Text Features Unit 1 G4  
LP8 TA Pre read for Narrative MI Unit 1 G4  
VA1 TA Text Features Unit1 G4  
VA2 TA Steps to Scan Q s Unit 1 G4  
VA3 TA Actively Read Unit 1 G4 and Do Now  
Assessment1 TA Habits of a good reader Unit 1 G4  


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