Lesson: Speaker in a Poem

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify the speaker in a poem.

Lesson Plan


Teaching Point:  Good readers identify the speaker in a story or poem by identifying traits they can figure out about that person and things that they like, do not like, things they are good at not good at and the types of characters they surround themselves with. 


Model using a picture book and identifying all of the things you can learn about who is speaking in the book.  Talk about how if a book is referencing a grandfather or a mother than you know how it is a child that is telling the story.


Students go back to their seats and fill out a graphic organizer that shows evidence on how the students can figure out who is speaking in their story. 


Teacher pulls a small group, reads small passages with students and talks about who the potential speaker could be.


Mini Lesson:  Just like we could find out the speaker in a book we can also figure out the speaker in a poem. 

Class reads a poem together

Students make a list of all of the things that they can infer about the speaker from reading that poem.


Lesson Resources

Who is the Speaker of a Poem  


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