Lesson: Persepolis

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Lesson Objective

Students will compose an essay with a coherent thesis Students will analyze structure and/or content of Persepolis

Lesson Plan

There are several ways to approach the end of this unit. There is a film of Persepolis, and so some classes enjoy watching the film and comparing and contrasting their experiences. For some other classes, watching the film might be too redundant. For classes that can handle something more complex, I like to show Waltz with Bashir, giving a little background about Lebanon, and then ask students to compare and contrast the two war-themed, graphic stories. 


If you don't want to spend so much time on movies, you might show one or the other. Depending on the analytical and writing abilities of your students, you might require both a compare/contrast essay and the 3 paragraph essay, you might differentiate, or you might increase the difficulty of either.  


I have chosen to assign only the compare/contrast essay to struggling writers who need help with choosing important ideas and sentence structure. For more fluent writers, I assign the three paragraph essay. 


The schedule is more or less this:

Day 1- students complete organizzer

Day 2- 1st round of peer revising using CAHSEE rubric

Day 3- students write first full draft

Day 4 - final peer editing using CAHSEE rubric

Day 5- students write final draft and submit


I then proceed to the other assessments and wrapping up the unit. This is a good time to introduce some Islamic Art, like coloring pages of tesselations in architecture or mosaics. 

Lesson Resources

Persepolis Essay   Writing Assignment
CAHSEE essay rubric   Rubric


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