Lesson: Crossing Out Wrong Answers

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to cross out answers that they can determine are incorrect.

Lesson Plan



Teaching Point:  Good test takers cross out answers that they do not know

Connection:  We have really been trying hard to be good and ready test takers so today we are going to learn how to cross out answer s that we know are incorrect.

Teach:  Today I want to teach you how to eliminate wrong answers.

Model:  Watch me as I read this question and cross out the answers that I know are wrong, when I do this I answer the question, I know this is wrong because to ensure that I know what the question is really asking me

Link:  So today and every day cross out answers that you know are wrong and ask yourself the question why do  I know this is wrong.

Independent Work:  Students go back to their seats and complete a test prep sheet.

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