Lesson: Tricky Questions and Answers

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Lesson Objective

Objective: Good test takers read the questions first and then identify trick questions and answers.

Lesson Plan


Objective:  Good test takers read the questions first and then identify trick questions and answers.


Teaching Point:  Good test takers read the questions first and identify trick questions and answers.


Connection:  We are getting ready as we are about to take another important assessment.  A big part of figuring out how to do great on assessments is to outsmart the test makers by realizing that they might have given us a tricky answer.  Sometimes they put answers that are similar to the correct answer, or have a detail that is a little off that makes the answer incorrect.  But you usually  have to read carefully and really analzye the test question to try and figure out what might be the "trick" question. 

Teach:  Today I want to teach you how to dissect the question to figure out what they are really asking you.


Model:  Watch me as I read the question and I figure out the skill the question is asking me and then I dissect the question and find the right answer. Use a few test passages or tests that the students have previously taken to analzye the answer choices.  Remind students that sometimes they don't have to really focus so much on the question but on the answer choices for that question.

You can teach them the strategy of putting little x's at the end of answers they know are wrong, putting * next to answers that are possible so they can narrow down their choices.

Today they will write down the question and the answers and then complete an answer check list to see if they are

Link:  So today and everyday make sure you go back and figure out what the question is asking you and then find the right answer.


Independent Work:  Students complete a test prep answer analysis sheet that is attached to analyze questions answers.   

Lesson Resources

analyze test answer resource  


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