Lesson: Cause and Effect Signal Words

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Lesson Objective

Objective: Students will be able to identify cause and effect clue words.

Lesson Plan


Objective:  Students will be able to identify cause and effect clue words.


TP:  Readers use clue words like because to identify the cause.

Connection:  We have learned how to ask ourselves good questions to identify the cause and effect like the question why did it happen to identify the cause and what happened to identify the effect.  But now we are going to look at clue words to identify causes.   

Teach/Model:  Who knows what word is inside the word because.  Cause good.  Today you can look at texts and find the word because which is a signal word that let you know you are about o identity the cause of something. Watch me as I read this paragraph.  I find the word because and I think in my head, is this why something happened.  This clue word lets me know I have come across the cause in a passage.


Link:  So today and everyday when you see the word cause you are being signaled that you have found the cause of a paragraph. 


Independent Work:  Students go back to their seat and highlight the words because in the cause and effect sheet.  They then identify the causes and effects and answer the questions on the sheet.

Lesson Resources

cause and effect clue words resource.pdf  


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