Lesson: Cause: Why it happend Effect: What happend

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify the cause is why it happend and the effect is why it happend

Lesson Plan



Teaching point:  readers identify causes by asking why did it happen?  And effects by asking what happened?

Connection:  Yesterday we learned about cause and effect.  Lets list some causes and effects we have become familiar with:;  list cause and effects.


Teach/Model:  Today I am going to teach you to identify the cause by asking yourself the question why did it happen? And the effect asking what happened? Watch me as I read this informational text and ask myself the question why did it happen, and then when I answer that question I have identified the cause and then I am going to ask what happened and I am going to answer that question to identify the effect.


Link:  So today and everyday when you are identifying causes and effects ask yourself the questions, why did it happen to identify the cause and what happened to identify the effect


Independent Practice:  Students go back to their desks and complete the cause and effect graphic organizer.

Lesson Resources

cause what happend effect why it happend resource  


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