Lesson: Cause with Multiple Effects

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify causes with multiple effects

Lesson Plan



Good readers can identify cause and effects in informational text:  focus what is the cause. 


Connection:  What is the cause of something?  What makes us do the things we do?  What if I said I was well rested today because yesterday was day light savings time.  What would be the cause of me being well rested.  Use bits of information in your class to identify different causes and how they will all have effects.  Start generating a chart for cause and effect.  We have been working on informational text and now we are going to get an even stronger handle on it by identifying causes and effect relationships in informational text pieces.


Teach/Model:  Today I am going to teach you that the cause is why something happens and the effect is what happens.  Watch me as I read this informational piece to you.  As I read it I am thinking about what things are happening or being told to me in this piece and then why they are happening.  So I am going to identify the overall cause in this piece.  The cause is it is an election year.  All of the effects are people are voting, candidates are campaigning, etc.  You can use the do no that the kids read to list a cause and then all of the possible effects. 


Link:  So today and everyday when you here the word cause you should be thinking why something happened or is happening and when you hear the word effect you should think about what is happening.


Independent Work:  Go back to your seat and identify a cause in your independent reading book, then list all of the effects around the cause using the graphic organizer.

Lesson Resources

Cause with multiple effects resource  


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