Lesson: Causes and Effect in Newspapers

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify cause and effect relationships in newspapers.

Lesson Plan


Connection:  We will be looking at causes and effects.  We are going to come up with our own cause and effects that we see in newspapers today but we want to ask ourselves.  Does this make sense.  Is this the cause and is this the effect. 


Teach/Model:  Today when you think you have identified a cause and effect you are going to think to yourself does this make sense.  If I label this is the cause of why something is happening does the effect that I am also identifying make sense that it would be the effect.

Watch me as I read an article and identify the cause and effect.  I am then going to thin in my head, does this cause and effect make sense to me.  So the cause is, Tuesday was election day, the effect is there is a new president.  Does it make sense that because it is election day there would be a new president.  See how I use asking myself this question to check and see if my cause and effect makes sense.


Link:  So today and everyday when you are identifying cause and effect ask yourself does this effect make sense with this cause or does this cause match this effect.


Independent Work:  Students find cause and effects in newspapers and paste into the info sheet. 

Lesson Resources

Causes and Effects in Newspapers Resource  


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