Lesson: Two Bad Ants ~ Day Two

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Lesson Objective

1. TSWBAT create an online "stapleless book" for their original ant story. 2. TSWBAT illustrate their ant story. 3. TSWBAT share their ant story with classmates.

Lesson Plan

1. Review point of view by discussing some of the pictures in "Two Bad Ants". Ask students if they were able to find Fritz hidden in the pictures.  Show the garbage disposal picture ~ Fritz is being tossed around with the garbage!   


2. Return students' proofread (by the teacher) rough drafts.  Give students time to look over corrections and ask questions.  


3. Students will be using www.readwritethink.org to create a Stapleless Book. Take time to view the screencast video for specifics on how to create the book online.  I share this video with my colleagues and students before we go to the computer lab.  It shows exactly how to create the book online:






4. I have a wikispace I use with my students.  I put the link on the wikispace and have students access the necessary link from there.  This link is from www.readwritethink.org (a must see for every reading teacher).The specific link is listed below:




If you are unable to use a wikispace, you may want to convert this url using www.tinyurl.com to shorten the link if students must type in the address themselves.


5. Take students to the computer lab with their rough drafts and have them access the site.  Have them create their book!  This should take approximately 30 - 40 minutes.  I circulate through the room to assist students as they work.  I ask them to raise their hands when they are ready to print.  (Older students would be capable of printing themselves.) One word of caution: do not allow students to close the site until they have the printed copy of their story in hand from the printer.  There is no way to save work.  


6. Teachers should practice folding the book according to directions on the site.  It takes a bit of practice!  Again, older students can probably do it themselves.  I folded each book for my third graders.


7. Take students back to the classroom to illustrate their books with colored pencils or crayons.


8. Share books at end of the class or at a later date.  For third grade, we sat in a circle with our books in hand.  When I rang my bell, we passed the books to the person on our right.  I gave the students enough time to read their classmate's book and rang the bell again signifying that the book should be passed again to the next person on the right.  We did this until everyone saw every book.  These books were popular.  I stored them in a basket in the classroom for the kids to enjoy all year!



A great extension of this lesson would be to share students' books with other students in the school.  In the past, I have had my students read their stories to kindergarten or first grade students.  This is always a positive experience for the "authors".  They enjoy sharing with younger students who are always excited and appreciative.  It's a great activity to reinforce fluency.


Lesson Resources

Two Bad Ants Quest
Instructional Video
Stapleless Book


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