Lesson: Two Bad Ants ~ Day One

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Lesson Objective

1. TSWBAT listen to "Two Bad Ants". 2. TSWBAT learn about author Chris Van Allsburg. 3. TSWBAT write a short story from an ant's point of view.

Lesson Plan

1. Introduce author Chris Van Allsburg by visiting his site. This site is absolutely incredible to share at the SmartBoard.  I particularly like the "interactive" section; I recommend showing some of the video clips from this section.  I like to show Channel 1 about Art School and Channel 5 about hiding Fritz the dog. Since Chris has hidden Fritz in every book, the students enjoy looking for the dog as they read each story.  Sometimes it is easy to find him; sometimes it is quite difficult.





2. Show students some of the pictures from the book, Two Bad Ants.  Ask students to predict what "trouble" the ants may get themselves into during the story.  Read the story to students or have them read their own copy of the story independently.


3. Show Point of View PP at SmartBoard.  Discuss how point of view refers to how a person or character looks at, or views, an object or situation. Have students look at the title pages of the story.  Discuss questions from PowerPoint Slide #2.


* In advance, make copies of Point of View Chart and Rough Draft

on one sheet of paper....back to back.


4. Pass out Point of View Chart .  Have students work with a small group to think of everyday items from the book that ants see one way and people see another.  Have students record their ideas on this chart.  For example, under "A Person's Point of View", students might write grass, and under "An Ant's Point of View", the might write forest.  The teacher should circulate and assist groups with this activity.  Emphasize that students should look back at the book for ideas or feel free to come up with original ideas.


5. Tell students they will take the ideas from their point of view chart and create a story on their own (not in groups ~ an individual story). Today they will be asked to write a rough draft of the story.  Tomorrow we will take their rough drafts and turn them into a book.  


6.  Ask students to turn their point of view chart over to reveal the Story Rough Draft page. On rough draft side, have students brainstorm and create their "ant" story.  Students should complete the top part of the rough draft in order to include all important story elements.  As students begin to write their storyon the bottom of the page, it is important to remember they will have only 6 pages to write. Also, allow only 1 or 2 sentences per page.  The story must be brief in order to work with the interactive site we will be using.  Collect and proofread rough drafts for use in computer lab tomorrow.



If time is an issue, students can complete their story rough draft for homework.  Remind students they could spend any extra time working on their book reports which were discussed in class yesterday.


After this lesson, I usually see students pouring frantically through each book looking for Fritz the dog.  In some of the books, it is easy to find him. In other books, it is quite the challenge!  Encourage students to read the books as they search for Fritz!



Lesson Resources

Point of View Chart  
Story Rough Draft  
Point of view intro   Smart Board


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