Lesson: Comparing Across 3 Stories

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Lesson Objective

Objective: Students will be able to compare and contrast story elements across 3 stories.

Lesson Plan


Objective:  Students will be able to compare and contrast story elements across 3 stories.

Do-Now:  Draw a venn-diagram or pass out a venn-diagram to students and have them compare and contrast themselves with another classmate in groups of 3. 

Connection:  This morning we looked at each other against some of our classmates.  When you were looking at you and them you were figuring out differences and similarities between each other.  When we do this as readers among texts we begin to look for a deeper understanding of our text.  We take time to think about what is alike and similar within texts which helps us zone in on the bigger issues and understandings a text can present.



Explain and define similarities and differences

Similarities:  things that are in common, they are the same

Differences:  things that are different, and noticeable different

Today we are going to look at theses to things in a story.  There are many types of ways we can look at and identify similarities and differences in different ways.  Sometimes we can do it in Venn diagrams sometimes we can also put things in tables.  Today we are going to look at how we can compare and contrast using a table.

Draw a table on the board where you can compare three stories against 3 drivers.  Today when we compare and contrast stories we are going to be very specific with our comparing and contrasting by focusing it on characters, settings, and problems, and solutions.  Make a chart just like the resource students will be using.

Give examples of how you can compare and contrast characters setting and problems and solutions across three stories.  Make sure you are stating direct evidence and providing detailed information so students are aware of your high expectations when you assign them to go complete it on their own.

Active Engagement:  Students should turn and talk to their partner about a detail they can add to the comparing and contrasting organizer between the stories you have chosen to compare and contrast.

Independent Practice:  Students can work in groups on a class novel or guided reading groups to fill out the chart, students can choose three books and work in a group, students can chose three books and work on their own. 

Lesson Resources

Comparing and Contrasting Across Three Stories Resource  


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