Lesson: Readers Develop Illustrations as they Visualize

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to visualize a scene in the story that the author or illustrator has not illustrated in their book.

Lesson Plan


Objective:  Students will be able to visualize a scene in the story that the author or illustrator has not illustrated in their book. 


Connection:  Now that we are becoming visualizing experts its time to go past what we see in the book and add our own illustrations so that we show we have a deep understanding of what is going on in our book.   Playing our movie in our minds is equally as important as looking over pictures in your books.  Today I want to teach you how to sketch a scene that the illustrator has not already drawn. 


Teach/Model:  Watch me as I read this book and I am looking at the pictures, but I bet to get from this scene to that scene something had to happen in between that the illustrator has not shown. Imagine this book had no words, what picture would we need here, watch me as I draw the picture that shows that I visualized to add the missing link..  Read aloud a book with the students. Take time to visualize and draw a picture that would be In the story if you were visualizing yourself.  Model how you will write what is shown in the book a description of the picture of the line above and then draw the picture that you visualized and then write a line that describes the visual after that highlights the link between adding a visual representation of your own.

Go over a few examples with students of how can communicate a sentence the describes the what the illustrator is showing. 


Link:  So today and everyday use the movie in your mind to cast all of the pictures in the book, not just the one the illustrator has chosen to draw.  


Active Engagement:  Be an illustrator and tell your partner one picture scene you would have added to this mornings read aloud.


Independent Practice:  Students use an independent book to visualize and create a visual that they are making in their mind.


Lesson Resources

VisualGraphicOrganizer1 6  
Visualizing Graphic Organizer  
Visualizing Artists Storyboard  
Visualizing Graphic Organizer Images  
Visualzing Poster  


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