Lesson: Nouns Introduction

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Lesson Objective

Students will define a noun. Students will identify nouns in a sentence.

Lesson Plan


On a chart write "Noun" at the top.


Tell the students that today they are going to learn about nouns.

Have students say: Nouns.

Ask to show you 1 finger if they've never heard of a noun before, 2 if they have heard of it, and a 3 if they know what it is and could tell someone else what it is.

If a student shows a 3, they can share what they know about nouns.

Tell the students: A noun is a person, place, or thing.

Have students mirror your actions while you repeat the definition: A noun is a person (2 thumbs pointing at yourself), a place (point around the room in an arc), or a thing (knock on a desk or table). 

Have the students turn a buddy and teach (with gestures) what a noun is.

After students have taught, have a couple of students stand up and teach the class what a noun is.

Show: youtube video of Schoolhouse Rock: Nouns



On a 3-column chart have the labels

person | place | thing.

Have students look around the classroom and tell you a noun that can be placed on the list.

Ask: is it a noun? how do you know?

Tell the students they are now going to identify nouns in sentences. 

The farmer fed the cow.

The children walked to the zoo.

The car was parked at the school.

On chart paper have students come up and underline the nouns in the sentence. Have them draw a sketch above to tell what kind of noun it is (stick figure=person, house=place, apple=thing)



Before you have the students begin independent practice, give them a "ticket to leave the carpet" by asking them to tell you a noun. You can limit it by asking one for a person, one to name a place, and one for a thing, then repeat it. This way you can check for basic identification of examples of a noun. 

Lesson Resources

Schoolhouse Rock - Nouns
NounPronounChart   Vocabulary


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