Lesson: Identifying Types of Genre

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Lesson Objective

students will be able to identify different types of genre by working in centers

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Students will complete a short reading comprehension with answer questions with a  focus on Genres of Fiction.

(Teacher Says)
Today we are going to reveiw genres of fiction and work in centers to analyze characteristics of different types of genres.  Before we begin let's define what genre is.

Direct Instruction:
Teacher will show a powerpoint presentation on different types of genres and their characteristics. Choose 3 genres of literature and tell me what their characteristics are.

Guided Practice

(This requires teacher to have a selection of novels with good summaries so that students can identify the genre without reading the entire novel)
Teacher should have 15-20 novels.  Students will look at the novels to identify genres of fiction.  They need to pick out 1 of each of the following genres: historical, science fiction, myth/fable, mystery, realistic fiction, biography and contemporary and fill out their Genre Chart.

Independent Practice

(This  requires that teacher write different types of genres on a sheet of paper and then place them in a bag)

Students pick a genre out of a bag and write 1 paragraph in that genre form.


Choose 3 genres of literature and tell me what their characteristics are.

Lesson Resources

Reading Comprehension A Secret Note Plot  


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