Lesson: Cora Unashamed

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to recognize plot elements in short stories and analyze characters- their traits, motivations, conflicts, points of view, relationships, and changes.

Lesson Plan

Do Now

Students will complete a reading comprehension from the packet



Today we will begin analyzing "Cora Unashamed" by looking at the elements of plot and plotting this story.


Direct Instruction:

Teacher and student should read this short story together (story attached).  Teacher should alternate oral reading amonst students and teacher.  Every 5 or 6 paragraphs teacher should pause for check for understanding questions:

  • Elements of Plot
  • Conflict
  • Setting
  • Making Predictions
  • Studemt Reactions


Guided Practice

 Have students get with a partner and complete the Character Analysis worksheet in order to better understand Cora’s character as she is described in the text.

Independent Practice
Writing Situation
Cora was not ashamed to speak out about her beliefs even though she had lost her job and was ostracized by the whites in Melton. Think of a time when you spoke out when you weren't supposed to. What were the consequences of your actions?
Writing Directions
Write about a time when you spoke out when you weren't supposed to. I want to know (1) who was involved, (2) what the people and surroundings were like, (3) what happened and (4) how you felt about the incident. Try to make me understand why this particular event is memorable to you.





How do you think the movie version of this is any better than the short story.  Explain your anwser.

Lesson Resources

Cora Unashamed   Reading Passage


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