Lesson: Flowers For Algeron

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to recognize plot elements in short stories and analyze characters- their traits, motivations, conflicts, points of view, relationships, and changes.

Lesson Plan

Do Now

Students will complete one of the reading comprehension exercises in the do now packet.


Today we will begin analyzing "Flowers for Algeron" by looking at the elements of plot and plotting this story.


Direct Instruction:

Teacher will review the 5 Elements of Plot with students.  Students will complete a guided notes activity defining:

  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • Falling Action
  • Resolution


Guided Practice:
Students and teacher should read this story in groups.  Higher level students can read in reading groups while teacher pulls smaller groups of students.

Independent Practice:
In groups students will on large sheet of construction paper students will plot out Flower for Algeron

Students take a multiple choice short answer quiz


Lesson Resources

Flowers For Algernon Quiz   Assessment


Cindy Hammons Posted 4 years ago:

The story was originally written as a short story. The novel was written afterward. You can find the short story online and download for free. I've see it, but didn't download it...but it's out there!

Heather Gulledge Posted 4 years ago:

I found the story it was easy. It is by Daniel Keyes.. and is easy to find


alvin shum Posted 4 years ago:

well it's not even a short story. it's a novel. not sure why they posted this lesson plan.

Chris Glenn Posted 5 years ago:
same as above...
Maggie Delaney Posted 5 years ago:
unable to find the short story on the website



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