Lesson: Analyzing Characters through a Circle Template

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to create character evidence wheel by identifying character traits based on: character's word, character actions, and the character's appearance.

Lesson Plan


Objective:  Students will be able to create a character evidence wheel by identifying character traits, characters words, characters actions, and a character appearance. 

Do-Now:  If you were a character and someone could define you in four ways, what ways would you have them define you in:  for example:  looks, sports, hobbies, etc.   

Connection:  When we think of ourselves or when we connect and think of a character we can think of this character in many different ways.  When we focus on a few ways that we can think of them we become stronger and better understanders of our characters. 


Today we are going to focus on one character in our book.  Model using a character: You can use a variety of text, I will give you the example of using the book Chyrstnathmum. 

Model:  have the organizer on chart paper, or create it for the students so they can make one on their own, display it on the promethean board or smart board.    

As I read the book I am solely going to be investigating this story by looking into and connecting with my character.  When I read the book I am going to be thinking about Chyrstanathmum and how I can describe her using four things:  traits, appearance, actions, and words.  I am going to label each part of my circle with these words.

As I find evidence of Chystanthumum I am going to write it in my circle.


Differentiation:  Students struggling with words can write evidence

Examples of places to add:

Appearance:  small, shy, little, embarrassed, blushing,

Actions:  hides her face, cries to her family

Traits:  embarrassed, lonely ashamed

Words:  “I want a new name”

Model going through the story and really analyzing the character.


Active Engagement:  Turn and talk to your partner about 2 areas you can add to on the wheel that describes Chrystanthumum.


Independent Practice:  Students will use their independent books, their guided reading books, or a class read aloud book to complete a circle based on a character.

When students are finished they can turn in the organizer and also complete an exit slip that asks them to take their circle and put it in words.  As an extra Assessment. 





Lesson Resources

Circle Character Trait Evidence  
Chyrstanthumum Book


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