Lesson: Know Your Characters

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Lesson Objective

students will be able to analyze a characters thoughts and actions to predict the end of a short story, novel or passage

Lesson Plan

Create a list of a minimum of 5 characters that you have read about in class.  Put their names on chart paper and post in 5 areas of the room, have students count off by 5’s and circulate in groups.  Tell them they can write one word they could use to describe the character that they see.  You can also do this with as many characters as you have students for.  You can put it on paper and pass it around, or each group of students seated at a table can do one character or pass around characters at the table. 


(Teacher Says)
Raise your hand if you can describe to me what we were doing today in our do now.  Ask students to explore how they came up with the words that they did or why they chose certain words or phrases to describe certain characters. 


Directed Instruction
Today we are going to learn how to identify characters by using words that we will call traits.  Traits are words that we can use to describe a character’s personality or how they are as a character.  Let’s look at some of the words that we use to describe characters:  I notice a lot of you used words that are happy, sad, mad, we are going to try and get away from using words that are “simple” to describe characters and instead use words that are more complex vocabulary.  Let’s make a list of all of the words we can use to describe a character’s traits.  Use the character trait resource guide to help student’s list traits.  Create a list of character traits for students to have to use as a resource on chart paper. 

Guided Practice:
Compete a read aloud with students that has characters displayed that would be easy for students to list traits for.  As you are reading put the character in the center of the chart paper and add traits around the character to you can identify all of the traits.  Guide students on making intelligent decisions about the choice of words they are using to describe a character and make sure they are citing evidence as to why they are selecting the trait they are choosing.

Independent Practice:
Students will make a trading card for one of the characters in the story. (Information attached)

What trait would you describe for yourself and why? 

Lesson Resources

Character Trading Card   Activity


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