Lesson: Fiction Genres Project

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Lesson Objective

students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of different types of genres of literature.

Lesson Plan



(Rubric and Project Outline Attached)


Below is a list of 9 different projects you have a choice of completing.  Each project deals with a different type of literary genre we have been studying.  You may choose one project you believe you would enjoy most.  Do your very best work.  Only quality projects will be accepted.


Legend - Research different legends in literature.  Remember a legend must have been a real person, but over time has gained almost super-human qualities, and is now bigger-than-life.  Find your favorite legend and create a monument in his/her honor.  Your monument may be made from tin foil, cardboard, etc…It must be 3-D, at least 3 feet high, and resemble the real legend.  Create a platform, on which your legend stands, and attach a summary (written by you) of the legend you read.


Science FictionWrite an original science fiction story that has a gadget or working machine in it.  Invent this gadget.  It must have at least one moving part and actually have a purpose.  Your gadget and story must be from your own imagination.


Myth – Dry an apple (with the help of your parents) in the oven.  When it is very dry and wrinkled, put it on a Barbie doll’s body.  Write an original myth that explains what has happened to this once beautiful woman.  Your myth must include at least five other well-know mythical gods or goddesses, nature, and at least one mythical creature. Dress your mythical doll in clothes appropriate to the time and place.  Extra points will be awarded if you write a myth that is based on a culture other than Roman or Greek mythology.


Fantasy – Write an original fantasy.  Create a time machine box that takes us to another place and time and will tell us your story.  To do this, you may want to find a large box and cut it similar to a television or computer screen.  Put your story on a scroll so that by turning a “button” we will be able to scroll your story from beginning to end.  Feel free to create your time machine in any fashion you like.  You all are much more creative than I am.


Folk Tale/Fairy Tale - Create a lap quilt from material, felt, or colored paper.  On it, create a story board, by either drawing or using felt characters.  Allow the characters’ actions to tell the story without using words.  You may create your quilt from an already published folk/fairy tale, or you may write your own.


Fable/Parable – Create a 2010 calendar.  Each month must have a colorfully displayed fable or parable on it.  You must have 6 fables and 6 parables.  Your fable/parable must be illustrated, typed/printed in black ink, and referenced.  Your calendar must have the months and days accurate and have a quote or famous saying that related to the fable/parable for each month.


Mystery – Write your own mystery.  Not too gruesome or violent, please.  Create a book-on-tape/CD by reading your mystery.  Your tape/CD must include different voices, and many sound effects.  Your mystery must be at least 10 minutes in length.


Historical Fiction – Read several historical fiction stories.  After choosing your favorite, become an expert on that book.  Research the time period, so that you can add other bits of trivia about that time frame.  Be able to share this story with us as a story-teller.  You can’t read from the book.  You must show emotion in your voice, and use correct dialect from the time period.  Bring in a snack for the class that is appropriate for the time in history which the story took place.



Tall Tale – Read several tall tales.  After choosing 3 of your favorite ones, create a ballad that interweaves the three stories together.  Bring in the 3 tall tales and a copy of your lyrics to turn in.  Then, sing your ballad.  You may bring in music if you wish.


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